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Callcenter - Analyse und Management als eBook D...
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Callcenter - Analyse und Management:Modellierung und Optimierung mit Warteschlangensystemen Alexander Herzog

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Callcenter - Analyse und Management als Buch vo...
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Callcenter - Analyse und Management:Modellierung und Optimierung mit Warteschlangensystemen Studienbücher Wirtschaftsmathematik. 1. Aufl. 2017 Alexander Herzog

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I Want To Complain : An Alternative Guide to Cu...
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Have you got something to complain about? Have you been shortchanged? Have you complained but gotten nothing but hollow apologies? Are you due compensation? Then this book could help. Instead of writing letters using red pen and block capitals, underlining every other word, swearing at inappropriate places, and writing key words twice as big, follow the I Want to Complain philosophy and make your letters entertaining. Make the person dealing with your complaint want to help you instead of shoving your letter under the pile of others he or she has to deal with that day and getting to it ´´later.´´ With eight years´ experience in a customer-management role for a multinational retailer, Peter realized it was the lighthearted, entertaining letters that received the most satisfactory resolutions. I Want to Complain explains exactly what life is like on the other end of the call-center telephone and just how to ensure your complaints are dealt with as a priority. The second section of the book contains a collection of genuine complaint letters Peter has written over the years using the philosophy laid out in the first section along with their replies, so you can see for yourself just how it works. Those companies he wrote to include Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Asda, and even Newcastle city council to get a parking ticket revoked--all with positive resolutions. I Want to Complain hopes to put the fun into refund and the jest into goodwill gesture as it takes you on an entertaining and humorous journey into the world of customer service. I Want to Complain was featured on Susan Calman´s BBC Radio 4 feature ´´The Art of Complaining´´ in December 2011. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Leonora Haig. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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